Shovel snow

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shovel snow

It’s winter and finally that time of year; snow has fallen! We are really going to enjoy the snow but we also have to shovel the snow from our driveways. Because we don’t want it slippery.

Morning newspapers aren’t delivered, garbage containers aren’t emptied, people are late for work due to slippery and snowy roads and so on. Half of the country is upside down because of the snow. Sometimes literally!

Besides the fact that snow is sometimes annoying, we should especially enjoy it as long as it is there. Because let’s face it, you can shoot beautiful pictures in the winter! You can take wonderful walks, go out with the children on a sled, have a snowball fight and enjoy the great view.

Do you have a driveway or street with snow on it and do you want to remove the snow? Then read on. Your driveway will be clean again in no time.

When should you clear the snow?

Clearing snow is really only useful if you do it right after it snows. Because then you can sweep away all the snow. Also the bottom layer and that is important.

If you wait too long and leave the snow on too long, the bottom layer of snow can freeze to the surface. And if you want to wipe the snow away afterwards, a very slippery layer of ice remains on your street. That is even more dangerous than the snow itself.

And if you cannot see that layer of ice well, for example because it is getting dark, then danger is lurking. If you step on the layer of ice and you slip, you have a little problem.

Leave the snow.

If it’s been a while since it snowed and there’s a nice layer of white powder on your driveway, it’s better to leave it alone. Basically, snow is not very slippery, although you do have to keep a close eye on where and how you walk of course.

Even when the top layer of the snow gets a bit harder, it is not really too slippery to walk on. It is better to walk on the crunching snow than on the layer of ice that has formed under the snow.

Shoveling or sweeping the snow away?

If you want to shovel snow, you have to take a good look at how thick the pack of snow is that is on your driveway. If it is a fairly thick layer of about five centimeters or more, it is best to scoop up the thickest layer of snow with a snow shovel and throw it somewhere where it won’t bother you.

The last layer of snow that you can’t shovel up can now easily be brushed away with a sturdy broom. Clean your driveway well, so not just the middle part where you walk. Because when it starts to thaw, the snow that is still there will melt and it will form a layer of water on your driveway.

sweeping snow

If it starts to freeze again a little later, you have made a mini ice rink of your driveway. And when you have a bit of bad luck, you still fall on your behind when you want to go outside again.

If you have a driveway that you want to clear, wipe the snow off the entire path as much as possible. You can easily sweep the snow between the plants or in the grass. When it starts to thaw again, the snow melts and the water sinks into the earth.

Sprinkle salt.

When all the snow on your driveway has been swept away, you could sprinkle some road salt over the tiles. Free salt is often available at the municipal yard. Please feel free to contact the municipality in which you live. You can usually pick up a bucket of salt at certain fixed times.

Salt ensures that new snow that is about to fall no longer freezes on your driveway. So it prevents you from slipping. However, you will have to sprinkle salt regularly to keep that effect.

Be careful with road salt. The salt is harmful to nature, it is bad if pets would ingest it when they walk in the garden and it is bad for your car. Your rims and tires cannot withstand the salt very well and it is completely disastrous for the paint.


It is quite rare that there is snow. When I was young there was a lot more snow than nowadays. We also skated more often 40 years ago than today. Due to climate change, we will get less and less snow and ice.

So as long as there is snow we should enjoy it! Go for a nice walk together or go out with the children on the sled. Even in this corona time with the lockdown, no one can stop you from taking a wonderful walk in the snow.

You can go anywhere you want to go. You can easily keep 1,5 meters distance outside. And if it gets too busy somewhere with people and children playing in the snow, you can walk around the block and look for a more quiet space.

Shoot beautiful pictures of nature, of the snowman you made, of grandfather who got a snowball in his collar, of mom who (with three children on the sled behind her) is sweating heavily, and of the snowy bench in the garden.

Take photos and make videos. You will definitely look back on it with great pleasure. And if it is really necessary, you go clearing snow. And you wipe your driveway and sidewalk and that of your old neighbor. But most of all, enjoy the snow!

The beautiful snow photos in this slider are from in Sweden.

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